Watch the games for each quest here, leading to my YouTube channel. Read the narratives first, or after watching the games, if interested, to see how the cards and events within the game, influenced or inspired the story!

Saga Campaign

Shadows of Mirkwood


Against the Shadow

The Ring-maker

Angmar Awakened

The Dream-chaser


Ered Mithrin

Vengeance of Mordor

‘Here is the ring of Barahir,’ he said, ‘the token of our kinship from afar; and here also are the shards of Narsil. With these you may yet to do great deeds; for I foretell that the span of your life shall be greater than the measure of Men, unless evil befalls you or you fail at the test. But the test will be hard and long.’

The Lord of the Rings, Appendix A