Against the Shadow


Here you can find all narrative installments for the Against the Shadow cyle.

Upon the Shores
of Gondor

Aragorn arrives in Pelargir, the port of Gondor, at the behest of Gilraen and Elrond. Though the city is fair, he finds danger quicker than he expected.

Covers the quest, Peril in Pelargir.

The Guardians
of Ithilien

Aragorn enters North Ithilien on his journey to Cair Andros. But the enemy is already abroad, as are the vigilant rangers of Gondor, willing to do anything to safeguard their lands.

Covers the quest, Into Ithilien.

The Eagle of
Cair Andros

Aragorn and the Rangers of Ithilien arrive at the island of Cair Andros. As the forces of Mordor besiege the fortress, Aragorn must prove his valor to the Men of Gondor.

Covers the quest, The Siege of Cair Andros.

The Captains
of Gondor

The defenders of Cair Andros honor the dead, and celebrate their victory. The errand which sent Aragorn to the borders of Gondor has ended, but he finds himself soon traveling to Minas Tirith.

Note: This chapter does not cover a quest within the Lord of the Rings Living Card Game, but is merely a narrative bridge between two quests.

Fear beneath the
Tower of Guard

Aragorn and Denethor, the son of the Steward, investigate the underworld cabal that seeks to weaken Gondor from within. But, suspicions arise between the two men as well.

Covers the quest, Steward’s Fear.

In the Glade
of Cleansing

Aragorn and men in his charge pursue remnants of the underworld cabal feeling Minas Tirith. But their quarry leads them into the Druadan Forest, where ancient mysteries await them.

Covers the quest, The Druadan Forest.

and Ruin

Smoke on the horizon. Emerging from the Druadan Forest, Aragorn, Glamren, and Caradol find farms destroyed by orcs. And, as they come to a nearby hamlet, to their surprise, Lord Alcaron is there also.

Covers the quest, Encounter at Amon Din.

The Shadow
of Kings

Haradrim attack Osgiliath, and Aragorn leads his host out of Anorien to defend a sector of the city. Though the city is held against the enemy, the battle comes at great cost, to Gondor and Aragorn.

Covers the quest, Assault on Osgiliath.

A Fell and
Hidden Purpose

Aragorn and Glamren lead a small detachment of men from Anorien east, to pursue remnants of the force that attacked Osgiliath. But, they are soon ambushed, and a fell Captain speaks an ominous message of Gondor’s demise.

Covers the quest, The Blood of Gondor.

The Veil Lifted

Aragorn, Celador, and a small company of rangers pursue Denethor and Lord Alcaron’s captors. As they follow their quarry into the Morgul Vale, they learn disturbing truths, and more is revealed that threatens Aragorn’s very presence in Gondor.

Covers the quest, The Morgul Vale.