Here you can find all narrative installments from the Dwarrowdelf cycle.

Author’s Note: Aragorn spoke in The Fellowship of the Ring of having passed through Moria once, and that his experience was “evil,” though he said no more. It is fair to assume he passed through Moria before Balin went there to establish his colony, since Aragorn specifically used the word “evil” to describe the place, and did not know of Balin’s fate at the time of the fellowship’s passage. Because of this murky history, I’ve sought a more creative means of telling the stories in this cycle, and the narratives herein do not follow, in terms of linear time, from the narratives of the previous cycle. Instead, it begins many years prior, when Aragorn is young, and freshly removed from the revelation that he is a descendent of Isildur; Elrond bestows upon him the shattered Narsil, and Aragorn carries it now, although, still rather hesitantly. I hope you continue to enjoy the story!

The Weight and
the Shadow

Soon after learning his true identity, Aragorn stands before the Dimrill-gate, leading into Moria.

Covers the quest, Into the Pit.

In Darkness
and in Doubt

In a dream, Aragorn recalls the moment that changed his life forever, and continues through the dark of Moria.

Covers the quest, The Seventh Level.

Beneath the
Shadow of Death

Aragorn faces darkness and danger unlike any he has faced before as he heads west into the Mines.

Covers the quest, Flight from Moria.

A Light in the Dark

Aragorn awakes in a deep, dark abandoned mine. With all the strength he can draw upon, he resolves to escape from Moria.

Covers the quest, The Long Dark.

Not All Lights Extinguished

As Aragorn searches for a way out of Moria, he is washed by an underground river to the very roots of the mountains, where unknown dangers lurk.

Covers the quest, Foundations of Stone.

The Children
of Elrond

Aragorn and Arwen Undomiel travel up Caradhras to the Redhorn Gate, and the mountains carry ill memories for both travelers.

Covers the quest, The Redhorn Gate.

The Road Home

In Eregion, Aragorn, Arwen, Elladan, and Elrohir make for home, in Rivendell. But danger lurks even to the west of the Misty Mountains.

Covers the quest, The Road to Rivendell.